Since We Talked….

I know that I have been MIA since my last post. Sorry life has just gotten in the way of my blogging but I missed you all so much!! I haven't forgotten about you and I am still excited to continue this blog journey. So what have I been up to lately, let me fill... Continue Reading →


A Mess Called Motherhood: What I learned My First Year Part 1, Managing the Marriage.

          I have always known since I was a small girl that motherhood was something that I had wanted. So when we had my son it really felt like a piece of me fell into place. I have enjoyed motherhood more then I thought to be totally honest. Despite going into it with very realistic... Continue Reading →

Fun Fall Nail Color Favorites

Fall Colors are the perfect way to welcome in fall fashion. Deep Gem colors are always a classic way to go. This year I have been loving some more un-traditional colors to throw in the mix. OPI Skyfall This shade of red just screams fall to me. With its undertones of orange it really brings... Continue Reading →

No Bake Breakfast Cookies

If you are an early riser like me, you don't really think about breakfast at 5 am. Due to the nature of my job though, I don't always know when I will get a chance to eat breakfast, it may be 9:15 or it may be 11:00. So in order to maintain my energy I need... Continue Reading →

August BirchBox: Easing Into Summer

So this month was the real test. The subscription honeymoon has officially ended and now its into the substance of our subscription relationship. So how has our relationship bloomed .... actually well. I liked this box as well perhaps even as much as the first box!! So this box was supposed to ease us out... Continue Reading →

September BirchBox: Customer Appreciation

I Couldn't believe my eyes when I opened this box. Customer appreciation month ! I have only been with BirchBox three months at this point, I know it seems like only yesterday that we were discussing my previous hate for subscription boxes prior to BirchBox and now here we are being appreciated. So with customer appreciation... Continue Reading →


Your first question may be .... what is a mommymoon and how do I get one. If your thinking of some secret beach getaway, with a bunch of other moms running around free from all responsibility then sorry to disappoint but that's not really what I mean, but hey I would gladly join you on... Continue Reading →

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