Hello Yall!!

I had deliberated on doing this since the day I found out I as pregnant. I figured it would be like my own personal diary and just a fun way to document this journey I was about to begin. Well life happens and before you know it you have a six month old and you still hadn’t even started, we’ve all been there before am I right?

So as I was sitting at my desk I decided that today was the day, no time like the present! Where to begin? I think I stared at that little blinky thing for an eternity so I just made the decision to start at the beginning. I mean of course not the beginning of my life or anything like that but I could say that it was the beginning of my life now.

As I share the road that led me to this wonderful yet always crazy life I have now, I hope you enjoy our topics. I will talk babies, fitness, fashion, makeup, Disney, vacations and any other crazy little thought or adventure that comes up along the way.

Warmest Wishes,