Pizza’s and Pregnancy Tests: Revealing the News to My Husband

I don’t know if any of your spouses are obsessed with all things pizza like my husband or maybe you’re the pizza obsessed one but there is pretty much nothing that my hubby loves more than a good pizza. A common conversation we have regarding meal times is what do you want to eat… and don’t say pizza we had that already this week. We often make our own because A) its much tastier and healthier and B) it’s so much fun. Both my husband and myself love to cook, although I admit I probably cook more then him, so making pizzas is something fun to do together.

So when I was going to tell my hubs that we were expecting a bun in the oven might as well do it with some pizza in the oven. So I put our pizza supplies together and put them in the fridge and patiently waited for dinner time. I don’t think I was ever in such a rush to make dinner in my life. It’s hard to keep a secret from someone who you tell everything to. Especially when its something so exciting. I was bursting at the seams but I knew I had to keep my cool or my face would give it all away.

So finally the time came and dinner was finally here, I have to laugh here cause it is as if I am preparing for like war…. the time is finally upon us … AAATTTAACCKKK lol. I am not going to lie that is how I felt, like I was going to attack him with this information. But I wont.

So here we are getting all our pizza stuff together, crust… check, sauce on the crust … check, sautéed the  veggies … check, turkey pepperoni on top …check. Then my husband says alright let me start to shred the cheese and I break in with my oh to eager… Oh wait! I think that there is one more ingredient that would be perfect for us… So he looks in the Pizza ingredient area and low and behold there sits the test. Now don’t worry I was sanitary and placed it in a Ziploc, don’t need any pee germs in our fridge.

What does my amazing and wonderful husband say…. I bet your thinking something cute, something sweet or maybe speechless… well you would be so wrong. He says…. but we are going to food and wine this week! So for those of you that are not Disney fans like myself Food and Wine festival is a fun event that is in EPCOT at Disney World, they have different countries that have different food samples and each country has a few specialty alcoholic drinks. We usually go every year and this year we had been planning since last year and were going with a large group of friends.

So smartly I of course say Oh sorry I will just make myself un-pregnant and wait until next month to get pregnant (insert side eye).  He just laughed when he realized how that came across. Of course that thought had also run through my mind. We had plan to drink our way around the “world” and have a good time but that would have to be slightly amended now. On the bright side what could be better than being pregnant at a food festival right?!

So hey it wasn’t the big dramatic reaction that I had had the first time around where he picked me up and spun me around but we laughed and laughed over the reaction and I also think to hide a little bit of our fear that we may suffer the same fate as our first one did. So now with someone else on board to my lets keep a secret train I felt instantly better. We went to food and wine with our friends, which let me tell you is quite the challenge when you are pretending to drink but aren’t really. Lets just say my husband was feeling a lot better than just alright by the end of that night. I will also let you know that should you find yourself pregnant during food festivals I would highly recommend attending. The yummiest food around + pregnancy = one happy mommy and baby.



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