A Cruise and No Booze? Revealing the BIG News to Our Families



Pregnant and need some ideas for Pregnancy announcements here are a few that I think were adorable !!

After weeks and weeks of keeping our pregnancy to our selves just to be on the safe side, following the 12 week rule way to seriously lol, the time finally came for us to share our big news. Now we had some idea that my mother and some of our friends were suspicious of us and had perhaps thought that I might have something cooking, so we knew we had to throw them off the scent.

So my wonderful husband threw me a surprise birthday party, since I am a true Christmas baby its always hard to do something on or around my birthday because you know that pesky little thing called Christmas. So everyone who thought they knew kept bribing me with wine in hopes that I would say no, well this preggo looked up, prior to any holiday festivities, if having a glass of wine here or there through in late first early second trimester and it said one or two glasses here or there was ok !!! So I secretly laughed to myself and gave silly little smirks to my hubby and happily accepted there offer of a glass. Ha !! They thought they had me and I could see the disappointment in there faces, I knew they were thinking oh man we must have been wrong.

I knew my mom really thought that Christmas morning that would be her gift. Now please don’t think, oohh she is so intuitive to her moms thoughts she knew her mom would want that. I would never flatter my self that way, no I knew this because she constantly would tell me that haha. So Christmas day came and went and no baby news. Now all the while my husband and myself had already settled on our plan. We took the sweetest picture with our first baby, our dog Saddee, had them printed out and ready to hand out. My family was going on a cruise the second week of January and who would expect that news then. We also knew that everyone would notice If I was drinking anything but water on an adults only trip.  It would really be perfect because his family would be taking us to the port so we could tell them then !!

So his family came to take us to the port and we had a candy bowl made. It was in a baby bowl , had the picture inside and was filled with Sugar Daddy’s, Three musketeers (since we would be 3 now), Baby Ruths, and a couple other fun baby themed candies. We said it was a thank you for taking us gift but to look through it for a surprise !! They were so excited and hugging us and laughing and it was the perfect was to start our vacation !!

On the cruise ship we all got on enjoyed walking around and went to our balconies to enjoy the view of leaving the port and we thought what better time. luckily my mother was telling us she wanted to show us pictures of something that happened and it gave us the perfect opening. So we smiled and said, oh my look at the cutest thing saddee did, and we sat down the picture of saddee we took. My mom screamed so loud and of course was hysterically crying, ladies you know our moms everything makes them cry haha, my dad was confused at first and then he really looked at the picture and he even got teary eyed and my brother didn’t get it at first which made us hysterical and thought we were getting another dog. Then it sank in that the best friend wasn’t of a  dog variation it was of the human kind.

It truly made the whole cruise amazing and it was so relieving that finally everyone could know. We had so many plans to make and baby stuff to get so now the real fun could begin!!!



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