Baby Got Born: Corbin’s Birth Story

Today I am so proud because I reached a personal goal for myself. When I started this blog I set a goal for myself. That I would complete my blogs about my pregnancy experience prior to my sons first birthday. Now this to some may not seem like a big goal, but to me it... Continue Reading →



Sorry I have been MIA since my last post all. We have been so busy and have been on a couple of vacations so I haven't had an opportunity to write. I am back now and am bursting at the seems with stuff to chat about so I am super excited and might just need... Continue Reading →

Welcome !!

Hello Yall!! I had deliberated on doing this since the day I found out I as pregnant. I figured it would be like my own personal diary and just a fun way to document this journey I was about to begin. Well life happens and before you know it you have a six month old... Continue Reading →

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